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3D environments, After Efffects, Creative visual content.


Showcase | info

Variety of samples showcased - Design samples are from across a variety of media & were created using a combination of tools.


  • Artistic Tools:
    · Pen and Paper
    · Watercolour / Oil Pastel
    · Photoshop
    · Illustrator
    · CS Suite
    · other: Blender / Pixlr / Kuler (mobile) SketchBook / TiltShift

  • Creative: An experienced use and understanding of design elements helps in effectively directing and communicating messages visually - the other half is imagination.

  • Production: All content design and production by James Laforet ; including jquery editing to web and print design, to concepts and illustrations.

  • More >> please contact me to see more sample design pieces.

Skills | Abilities
My skills  cover a range of creative  and technical areas related to web, print and media 'environments'. 

Artistic Tendencies

  • Artistically gifted, imaginative  and expressive

  • Creative analytical Problem Solving
  • An eye for colour and balance

  • Ability to create various stylized renderings & lllustrations by hand and digitaly


Beliefs  | experience
I like to explore, perceive and express.  It's a creative and emotional journey. For me, things need to work at all levels of visual and contextual communication. 


  • 25 years experience  in design and accumulating perspectives. 

  • Expressive visual communication

  • Camelion-like ability to mimic different stylesand maintain my own ways.

  • I believe in tasteful, powerful and elegant yet simple designs to be most effective

  • Managing multilpe projects start to finish

  • Aware of and have experience with most of the latest web trends: > CSS4/complex-selectors,
    > html5, jquery, mobile,
    > responsive pages,
    > parallex,
    > flatdesign,
    > Bootstrap,
    > Wordpress "code-hacking" and custom templates,
    > scrollable svg,
    > html5 ogg video.

  • Print Design & Production Experience:
    ·Design Fundamentals
    · new applications
    · Press approvals
    · Illustration
    · print coordination
    · bindery | die cuts
    · 4 colour printing
    · colour correction
    · preflighting | PDF creation
    · web offset | sheetfed

  • Web Design:
    ·Web Site Design
    · Front end UX
    · SEO analytics
    · creative consulting/development
    · html5 +CSS4
    · jquery
    · javascript editing
    · 3d spaces
    · advertisements
    · flash



C a l l CALL
  Dial  Toronto Studio

  @ jafladesign

  Tumblr: Illustrations