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About jafla Design

creatively nourished as a child

The name
JAFLA is an acronym from my father - JAck Frederick LAforet. He used this pseudonym on his creative projects since I was a young child. I am also proud to use this pseudonym.  Jafladesign.com (Jafla Graphics Ltd.) was born from a pleasure and playful desire to see, interpret express create and communicate.

Jafladesign.com : Integrity and Purpose
In the beginning...
Jafla Graphics focused mainly on emerging internet technologies as they related to communication design.  People just began to embrace the power and usefulness of the world wide web as an information and marketing tool.  I was always exploring different user interfaces, creative and intuitive web page navigation.  All the while, new applications were continually emerging. Graduating from Fine Arts program at the University of Waterloo, led me to combine artistic talents with graphic design.  I continued my formal education in Communication Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design.  While exploring the union of creative arts & technology, my objectives were to keep my designs innovative and unique while tastefully utilizing new and emerging technologies.

Graphic Design Communication
Prior to the foundation of Jafla Graphics I developed my skills in communication design at Harbourfront Centre. Thirteen years experience as a practicing Graphic designer and Print Production Supervisor allowed me to expand my range of design and production skills. I managed projects from the 'conceptual stages' to the final 'production process' in a variety of media: web, print , signage, campaigns and presentations.  I am knowledgeable in information architecture/ information design and princiles of colour and design.  I also maintained additional responsibilities of developing and managing a department Mac OS Network. My early interest and knowledge of HTML brought me to create over 300 corporate web pages.

Jafladesign.com: Your in-house Art department

It's all about the ideas...
 Start with a good ideas then apply the style that works best, while targeting your marketing audience. Generally, "my ideas are born out of understanding, exploration, research, interpretation and creative expression.
Its all about visual stimulation; balance, Sense and sensibility; logic and psychology; and information 'storytelling' if you will."

Media Group:
Print / Web / Illustration + Video Creation and Editing and Printing

Jafla Graphics focuses on 'front-end' design–the creative side. Branding elements are applied tastefully to both print and web production.

Jafla Graphics produces custom video and teams up with 2D & 3D motion graphic partners to extend professional video services whenever complex 3D animation / rendering is required.

Jafla Graphics knows print limitations & requirements and attends press approvals when requested / required. Jafla Graphics monitors print and web projects from beginning to end.

How it all Works:
Creative Process + Production Process

Find out the steps involved in getting your project underway.

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